Automotive Solutions

31 Point Checklist for CASL Compliance

Cleanlist is one of Canada's largest providers of customer data solutions for the automotive industry. It helps auto manufacturers and dealerships nationwide maintain the value of existing customer databases and to identify new markets and customer acquisition opportunities.

  • Stay connected to your customers by regularly updating your database with correct addresses, even when customers move. Get more reach by accessing both Canada Post NCOA and Cleanlist-proprietary PCOA move update databases.
  • Better segment and target your customers by appending demographic attributes and organizing customers into look-alike groups.
  • Optimize your calling programs and utilize SMS messaging by having Cleanlist flag cellular versus landline phone numbers.
  • Link customers and prospects to your closest retail or service location using Cleanlist’s store distance model.
  • Identify and target prospective customers by acquiring a list of households that meet your ideal profile characteristics.
  • Expand your ability to reach customers by adding phone numbers to your customer database.
  • Save money by cleaning your customer database of duplicate records and deceased or moved-away customers.
  • Canada’s only contact data solutions provider with a fully certified SOC2 and CSAE3416 data centre to help protect your brand and your data.


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