Service Channels

At Cleanlist, we believe that offering flexible options for accessing services is just as important as the services themselves. As such, we offer four distinct platforms to best meet the differing business requirements of our clients.

Channel Benefits Requirements
  • High level of customization
  • Submit data in nearly any format
  • Project manager will guide you along the way
  • No commitment or minimum volume requirements
  • None!
File format requirements
  • Turnaround times as low as 4 business hours
  • Generate quotes and place orders 24/7
  • Reseller ready!
Automated API
  • High-value and high-performance data processing
  • Conforms to your data standards
  • On-demand, immediate processing
  • Place orders 24/7
  • Monthly volume commitment
  • Submit files via SFTP
Enterprise Applications
  • Host our services at your location
  • Highest level of customization
  • Maximum control of your data
  • Unlimited usage licenses
  • Regular database updates
  • Annual licensing agreement

For advice, estimates, or to place an order,

call us at 1-800-454-0223 or email