Property-for-Sale Identification

Retain and up-sell customers by identifying those planning a move.

Cleanlist’s Property-for-Sale Identification service can help you retain and upsell customers at just the right time!

This Cleanlist exclusive service identifies your customers who are planning a move. These customers are flagged in your database for easy identification and follow-up. The service provides coverage in all 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories, using current data.

When you order Property-for-Sale Identification, you’ll receive a result file containing your original input file with a For Sale flag appended.

An included summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Significantly improve retention by contacting customers before they move.
  2. Offer more and better services to customers planning a move.

Service Channels


Match Rates

2 - 5% Range.

Match Rate Factors:

  • List quality (structure, data entry)
  • List type (profile, geography, demographics)

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Fields Appended

Field Name

For Sale Flag:

  • Y = Property For Sale
  • N = Not Listed

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