Prison Suppression

Identify correctional facility addresses on your contact lists.

On an average day, approximately 160,000 adults are under the supervision of correctional service agencies in Canada. Are you wasting resources by unknowingly including these individuals in your marketing campaigns?

The Prison Suppression service involves flagging records in your file against the addresses of Federal, Provincial and Territory correctional facilities in Canada. Matched records are marked with an indicator placed in a new field added to your record.

A summary report provides you with statistical data describing your results and a record layout defines field positioning and content.


  1. Reduce the potential of fraudulent orders.
  2. Improve response rates by not contacting non-responsive individuals.
  3. Reduce environmental and financial costs associated with non-responsive mail.

Service Channels


Match Rates

Very dependent on list composition and source.

Match Rate Factors:

  • List quality (structure, data entry)
  • List type (profile, geography, demographics)

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  • Duplicate Elimination - Flag duplicate records and suppress them from your database.
  • CMA Do Not Contact - Identify prospects registered on the Canadian Marketing Association Do Not Contact service.

Fields Appended

Field Name

Match Code:

  • P = Prison Suppressed
  • - = Not Prison Suppressed

Match Type:

  • C1 = Highest Confidence Match
  • C2 = High Confidence Match
  • X4 = Missing/Invalid Address
  • X5 = Not Matched

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