Ethnicity Append

Enhance your contact database by adding ethnic origin.

Segmenting your database by ethnic origin is a successful targeting strategy employed by many direct marketers. With Cleanlist's Ethnicity Append service, it’s easy and inexpensive to add ethnic origin to your database with a precision you can count on.

Cleanlist maintains one of the world's largest and most accurate ethnic origin coding databases containing nearly 1.2 million surnames. The source data is licensed from one of North America's leading ethnic-based research firms and has been tested extensively by Cleanlist and our clients. You can count on the results being accurate and complete.

For each name on your list, Cleanlist will append both a primary ethnic group and a subgroup that denotes the location of origin. For example:

Primary Ethnic OriginSubgroup
European - Balkans Croatia
Celtic - Celtic Ireland
European - Eastern Europe Russia

Overall, our database of 1.2 million surnames is comprised of 30 distinct primary ethnic origins and 184 geographic subgroups.


  1. Ability to target specific ethnic sub-groups.
  2. Ability to model customer profitability based on ethnic origin.
  3. Select from prospect databases by ethnicity.

Service Channels


Match Rates

Typically over 80%

Match Rate Factors:

  • Accuracy and completeness of the surname data submitted

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Fields Appended

Field Name

Ethnicity Append Match Code:

  • E = Ethnic Coded
  • - = Not Coded
Ethnic Group Description
Ethnic Subgroup Description

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