Launches in Canada

London and Ottawa, ON, Canada, Interact Direct Marketing, Inc. today announced the launch of its new division and its formula to become Canada's leading provider of contact data solutions.

The related brand was launched in 2002 and was first in North America to provide a self-service, online list cleaning service. It continues to provide self-service list cleaning solutions for U.S. lists.

The new Canadian-focused expands on the self-service platform by acquiring the full-service list processing business from its parent company, Interact Direct. Additionally, new automated API and Enterprise platforms have been added.

According to Jeff Bisset, company founder and president: "We're excited today provides more Canadian services and more ways to access them than any other provider. Plus, our platform is more up-to-date, efficient and scalable than our competitors. It's these resources that allow us to deliver a higher quality service at a lower price point. It's also the formula that drives our growth."

The new Products Menu includes over 20 contact data solutions available through multiple channels including: full-service, self-service, automated API, and enterprise installations. The company serves resellers and end-users in several sectors including Not-for-Profit, Retail, Financial Services, Home Improvement, and Distribution. helps you clean, enhance and acquire the Canadian contact data that drives your business. We offer more services and more ways to access them than any other provider. To learn more about, visit our web site at