Cleanlist Featured in “Security, Privacy and Compliance” Article

At Cleanlist we take information security and privacy very seriously, which makes us proud to have our president, Jeff Bisset, featured in Direct Marketing News' March 2012 Sector Report. From the article titled "Security, Privacy and Compliance", written by DMN editor, Amy Bostock:

At Cleanlist, Jeff Bisset says that this is a big issue for his clients as well.

"By far, our clients' biggest concern is that their data is used only for the purposes they set forth," says Bisset. "It can never be shared, sold, or used for any other purposes."

At Cleanlist, they provide each client with a written certificate of confidentiality and non-disclosure. To back this up, they've implemented a host of security measures that help protect private data from file exchange through storage, processing and ultimate destruction.

Cleanlist is also the process of becoming SAS70 certified.

"This further develops our company’s expertise in security and privacy matters, and confirms that our company’s policies and processes are both effective and properly executed," says Bisset.

"Our business requires extensive administration of a set of policies and procedures relating especially to data acquisition and storage," adds Bisset. "We operate a secure, Internet file exchange system called "MyFiles". This provides an easy-to-use, point-and-click solution for secure file exchange which is far safer than email and FTP exchanges which are still common in our industry despite them being completely unsecure!"

For Bisset, the challenge he sees is for marketers to improve their data management capabilities to support dynamic compliance requirements.

"It's becoming more and more critical for marketers to be able to show where a particular name came from and to manage its lifecycle through the prospect, customer, lapsed phases. Significant investments in technology, expertise and processes are required to achieve this level of audit ability."

You can read the article in its entirety, and for free, by downloading (in PDF format) the March 2012 issue of Direct Marketing News (article featured on page 8).