Canadian Data Orders Now Ready in Minutes!

Early results from Cleanlist's new order-processing API prove a roaring success!

Early adopters of Cleanlist's new automated order-processing API have something to cheer about. No longer are they waiting days, or even hours, for their data orders to complete. Instead, most orders are processed in less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee!

Cleanlist's clients have always enjoyed access to the most extensive menu of contact data cleaning, enhancement and acquisition solutions. No software company, service bureau or internal resource comes close to competing with Cleanlist's depth and breadth of service. And now, no other solution performs faster.

For example, a non-profit client had 15,000 contacts updated including: addresses standardized and corrected, NCOA mover updates applied, telephone numbers verified and appended, and deceased donors flagged — all in 11 minutes! In another example, a retailer partner with over 250,000 contacts had their file scrubbed for address accuracy, mover updates and duplicates in just under 24 minutes! Even large organizations with expensive internally-operated systems can't compete with the turnaround times now available at Cleanlist.

Of course, speed is critical for your projects that are recurring and highly automated. That's why Cleanlist built its order-processing API. But Cleanlist's service offering goes much further. In addition to the order processing API, Cleanlist clients enjoy the flexibility of Full Service, Self Service or Enterprise platforms as well. You can mix-and-match these to support virtually any contact data project you’ll ever need to execute.

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