File Format Specifications

In order to ensure that the best-possible output is achieved, it is critical that the input file be received in the proper format.

Please note that meeting our file format specifications is required only for our Self-Service clients. For those using our Full-Service, Automated API and Enterprise services, please know that proper formatting will be confirmed and/or implemented by our expert Data Specialists.

Input File Format

Cleanlist's automated list processing systems require you to submit data in the following format. If you are unable to submit your data in this format, please contact our Support Department ( to make arrangements for us to convert your file for you (fees apply).

Submitted files must be compressed in ZIP format. Please include only one file per order.

File Types

    • Fixed Length ASCII Text
    • Tab, Pipe or Comma Delimited ASCII Text
    • If commas are used, field values must be enclosed in quotes.

Input Fields

All of the fields below must be allocated in the input file, although naturally some values may be blank. In the case of fixed-length files, the field lengths should all correspond to the maximums below.

Field Type Length Description Examples
Your ID# Max 20 Your unique customer ID (optional) 0001023
Full Name Max 60 Contact first and last name, optionally including title or initials Mr. Ben Smith
Barbara S. James
Company Name Max 60 Company name (optional) Ben's Auto Body
Address Max 60 First address line 1246 Queen St
Address 2 Max 60 Second address line (optional) Suite 401
City Max 45 City Southfield
Province Max 20 Province code BC
Postal Code Max 15 Postal code N5V 4J4
Phone Number Max 15 Phone number (optional) 313-555-1231

Output File Format

Your output file and service reports will be bundled together and delivered in ZIP format.

Your updated contact list will contain your input data (unchanged) with replacement data appended into new columns to the right. The fields appended vary depending on the services you order and are described in the File Layout portion of your report, which is provided with each completed order. Refer to individual service descriptions in the Products section of this web site for a detailed description of the fields provided.

Output files are delivered in the same format as they were submitted to Cleanlist.

For advice, estimates, or to place an order,

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